Roller Skating – Equipment

In this chapter, we will take a look at the equipment used by the players of Roller Skating. Apart from rollerblades and inline skates, we have the following equipment that are widely used while playing Roller Skating.


They have a concave plastic plate in the soles which allows them to grind. They have a normal look as a street and skate shoes.


The outlook of the shoes looks normal like any other casual shoe but they have a retractable wheel below the soles of the each shoe. The advantage of the shoes is that it can be used as a casual shoes as well as a roller skate. If the player wants to have roller-skating moves then he can again put the wheel and glides.

Heelys comes in handy where the use of skateboarding and all wheel related sports are banned. In such cities, one can easily wear them. They give a subtle low key appearance. That’s what makes the Heelys more spontaneous and enticing. The Heelys were later combined with the soaps to form a hybrid shoe.


Freeline Skates

These are a type of unattached skates that the skaters put under their normal or skate shoes. They have two inline wheels which are closely set with each other under a small square plate with a short base. They are usually attached with the help of grip tape which has the same width as the shoes that the player is wearing.

This type of shoes are similar to heelys. It allows a range of motions same as a single wheeled skates. As there was no straps on the contract plate, these skates need the rider to move in a constant motion and due to this they are a huge challenge for the novices.

Two-wheeled Skates

There are also other skates which are not popular. Some skates look like inline skates while some are large wheel skates. It has two very large wheels attached outwards the skates instead of center. The balance of the skates with four small wheels is same as seen in inline skates.

Other resemblance to the freeline skates is that they have a small squarish platform with two medium-sized inline skate style of wheels.

Orbit wheel skates

These are the spiritual relative of freeline skates. The skate in the orbit wheels stands on grip tapes and is slightly larger than the freeline skate shoes. It has a large hoop inside which contains a wheel trapped and can freely rotate under the grip plate on which each foot is placed.