Australian Football − Field

The venue ground is typically oval shaped with grass surface. The dimensions of the field are typically 135 to 185 metres long between goal post to goal post and 110 to 155 metres wide between wings. Grounds may vary from being long and narrow to almost circular depending upon where it is constructed. Two goal posts are there at each end of the ground.


Ground Markings

Different markings are there on the playing ground which are as follows −

  • Two-goal lines, one at each end are straight and 19.2m (21 yards) long.
  • Two boundary lines, which are curved around the field edge and connect the goal lines.
  • Two-goal squares, each 6.4m×9m (7yd×10yd) surrounding the goal lines.
  • The center square, which is 50×50 m and is in the centre of the ground
  • Two concentric center circles of 3m and 10m diameter with a line bisecting them from the wing-wing side.
  • Two 50m circular arc lines drawn at each end between boundary lines at a distance of 50m from the centre goal line.

Goal Posts in Australian Football

There are four goal posts at each end out of which two are tall posts and two are short. The short posts are placed behind the taller posts. If the ball is reaches the taller posts then six points are scored whereas in case of short posts, one point is scored.

Goal Posts