American Football – Overview

American Football popularly known as the Rugby Football or Gridiron originated in the United States resembling a union of Rugby and soccer; played in between two teams with each team of eleven players. American football gained fame as the people wanted to detach themselves from the English influence. The father of this sports Walter Camp altered the shape and size of the ball to an oval-shaped ball called an ovoid ball and drawn up some unique set of rules.

Rugby Football


American Football is played on a four-sided ground with goalposts at each end. The two opposing teams are named as the Offense and the Defense, The offensive team with control of the ovoid ball, tries to go ahead down the field by running and passing the ball, while the defensive team without control of the ball, targets to stop the offensive team’s advance and tries to take control of the ball for themselves.

The main objective of the sport is scoring the maximum number of goals by moving forward with the ball into the opposite team’s end line for a touchdown or kicking the ball through the challenger’s goalposts which are counted as a goal and the team gets points for the goal. The team with the most points at the end of a game wins.


Team Size

American football is played in between two teams and each team consists of eleven players on the field and four players as substitutes with the total of fifteen players in each team. It is played in both men’s and women’s category.