Archery is played on various types of fields according to the type of game. Ground archery requires a ground and a target. Well, other types of archery include Bow Hunting, Traditional Archery, 3D Archery, Field Archery, and Target Archery.

  • Bow archery involves hunting animals using bow and arrow. It is the oldest-known form of archery and one of the most ancient hunting techniques. Long-range grounds are used for this of game play.
  • Traditional Archery varies from country to country. The type of bow used in traditional archery varies according to the nation, following some ancient techniques. This is the reason this form of archery is called traditional archery.
  • 3D archery tournaments provide for a non-violent version of bow archery with the use of modern technology, where the archers are instructed to train their arrows on 3D form of animals for shooting. The game provides a wooden walk or open course. This ground design is recommended by International Bow-hunting Organization.
  • Field archery is played on a roving course which was set through the woods. There are paper targets ranging from 20 to 80 yards. It is one of the most exciting forms of archery and gives a feel of the old days of hunting.
  • Target archery was featured in the Olympics Games. It consists of shooting bull’s-eye-style, multi-coloured target at certain distances. Different disciplines of the game has different grounds of play.


The most frequently-specified distance for shooting a target is between 20 to 80 yards. In Olympics, target archery has a length of 18 meters, i.e., about 20 yards indoor and between 30 to 90 meters outdoors. It depends on age of the archer and the style of equipment.