Sky Surfing – Overview

Sky Surfing is a team sport or team parachuting. Each team has only two players. One of them is a sky surfer and another camera flyer. As all the events take place on air, the players must be well-equipped. In this sport, each surfer is totally responsible for preparing themselves before the start of surfing.

Sky Surfing is one of the toughest sports that human being has ever invented. Still it is very popular because of the objectives of playing the sport. The main objective of the sport is to present a sequence of sky surfing moves on sky with a free fall as technically and as artistically as possible but with sure safety.

Sky Surfing

Sky Surfing Team

Sky surfing team includes two players the surfer and the camera flyer.

  • Sky Surfer − Sky surfer is the one who first jumps from the plane and performs different tricks. The sky surfer has to be well equipped in order to be safe in the air and also to land safely.

  • Camera Flyer − The camera flyer holds the camera and records the performance of the sky surfer. There are also equipment or safety guidelines for the camera flyer. He must have helmet which covers the full face of the person.

Sky Surfing – Championships

Sky surfing is now being played widely across the globe. Here is a list of some of the important sky surfing championships is as follows −

  • USA national sky surf Championships
  • Sky surfing world Championships
  • ESPN X games
  • European Sky surfing Championships
  • SSI pro tour sky surfing

Participating Countries

Sky surfing is a dangerous but popular game all over the world. In this game, player need to jump from the aeroplane and perform various tricks high above in the sky.

Some of the major dominating countries in this game are Canada, California, France, Australia, and United States.