Downhill Skiing – Overview

Downhill Skiing is an ice race that emphasizes more on speed. It is the fastest racing game over the ice, where players reach nearly 130km/h in international competitions. The athletes taking part in this game must possess aerodynamically-efficient tuck position to minimize drag and increase speed. The term downhill skiing is used as a synonym for alpine skating, both in the FIS sport as well as recreational gaming. The purpose of this game is to speed down the icy mountains while sliding down the slope with a great speed, and reach the finish line. During the game, speed is the only factor that creates the record.

Objective and History

The rules of this game were originally designed by Sir Arnold Lunn for the British National Ski Championship, held for the first time ever in 1921. Since then, the highest recordedtop-speed was 160km/h. This record was broken in the year 2013. As discussed earlier, the theme of the game is to attain maximum speed during sliding downwards the hill.

sliding downwards

Every game has its key characteristic feature as the backbone of the game, and downhill skiing takes its major hand at the speed at which the skiing takes place. Players tend to gain speed as much as possible in the race to attain the top position in the list of the best skiers.

Team Size

In the game of downhill skiing, team play takes a backseat. Any number of players can take part in the game and try winning the race. Climbing an icy mountain, all the players get pooled over there where the race is to be started. Individual aim is to reach the finish line called gate faster than other skiers. The flow continues with a technique followed by the player in the game.

Mostly, this game is played for recreation over the slopes of mountains covered by snow. Hence, the team consists of a minimum of one person playing individually for their own mirth and indulging.