Gymkhana Grid – Overview

Ken Block is regarded as the father of Gymkhana Grid whose driving videos went viral on Internet and created a huge public interest. His way of driving has created some modern standards which made the sport more popular. The sequence of driving are predetermined here. The driver has to remember the drift and to perform accordingly.

The objective of this sport is to race with other cars on the field with pre-determined speed drifts and sport plan. The cars must be equipped with high horse power and the driver must be equally quick enough to tackle the situation on awkward racing moments. Car that will clear all the rounds cutting off other cars on multiple rounds will be declared as the winner and will be eligible to get monetary award.


A Brief History of Gymkhana Grid

Ken Block is the co-founder of DC shoes. It was his childhood dream to become a motorcar driver. In 2005, he took it a little bit seriously and started to race. Upon completion of his first year he was awarded with “Rookie of the year” and that’s what made him to think about this sport more seriously.

Soon he started to participate in more X-Games in America and started bagging medals. In 2010, he decided to take this sport to a global platform by creating a monster world rally team. The team was transformed into Hoonigan racing division in 2013.

To make it more popular, he made some road shows and put videos of his team performance on internet. This gave his idea an overnight success. In 2014, he completed many rally. Now the sport is gaining popularity, Ken is planning for Gymkhana seven dropping very soon.

Gymkhana Grid – Championships

Gymkhana has very less championships in its name. The list of some popular championships under this sport are as follows −

  • Gymkhana Grid Championship
  • Japan Gymkhana Competition
  • European Gymkhana Gauntlet Championship
  • Supercar Contest

Participating Countries

Gymkhana Grid is a booming sport and currently on its way of getting a widespread popularity. Though the sport has attracted millions of views on internet and people are equally crazy to see it live, the participants have not gained that much acquaintance with the course of driving for this yet.

The countries in which the sport has gained popularity are Japan, America, England, France, Spain. As it has not got that much commercial success yet, it is still in the phase of adding new countries to its decorum each year.