Synchronized Swimming – Overview

Synchronized swimming is a game where a group of athletes perform dance steps in combination with swimming. The dance is performed according to the tune played in background. This tutorial explains the basics of synchronized swimming and how to become a professional synchronised swimmer.

Like other events in swimming, players can perform solos, duets, combos or team. There are two routines in synchronized swimming −

  • Technical routine − In technical routine, the players perform according to a set of predetermined steps. It should be performed strictly according to certain guidelines.

  • Free routine − Here, the steps are not predetermined, so the players are free to choose their own steps. In free routine, the players have to show their creativity in choreography, dancing, and coordination.

Technical Routine

A Little History of Synchronized Swimming

Synchronised swimming was very famous before it was included in Olympics. For the first time, it was played in 1891 as recorded in history. At that time, it was played in Berlin, Germany. After seeing the event, many countries became interested in playing this sport and many clubs were formed. Simultaneously, this sport became popular in US and Canada.

For the first time, synchronised swimming was included in Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Between 1984 and 1992, it was played with two events solo and duet. In 1996 Atlanta Olympics, only team event was included. But from 2000 Olympics held in Sydney, two events i.e. duet and team events were held and now synchronised swimming has become a crowd pulling sport.

Participating Countries

Since its inception, the game became very famous in many Asian and Non-Asian countries. Performers from different countries perform every year in world aquatic championships. Recent world championship (2015) was held at Kazan, Russia.

The following countries have dominated the sport in case of medals.

  • United States
  • China
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • East Germany