Discus Throw – Overview

There are many games under the umbrella of track and field event. Discus Throw is one of those games played solo in competition with other players.

Discus Throw – A Brief History

Discus Throw can be traced back into the ancient Greece, where in the Olympiad games this sport was used to be organized to judge the physical strength of the athletes. This game was also popular because it requires high precision and coordination. During that time it was believed to be one of the easiest sport events.

Discus Throw History

Some eminent historic proofs shows that the trace of this game was found during the period of 708 B.C. soon after its addition into 18th Olympiad games it was also introduced into pentathlon games that included wrestling, running, javelin throw, and jumping. According to the facts of Perseus digital library, earlier times the discus used to be made up from stones, bronze, or iron.

Discus Throw – Objective

The athlete needs to throw a discus of 1 to 2Kg into the air as far as possible within the prescribed zone by remaining inside a circular area of 2.5m diameter. If the discus lands beyond the boundaries of the zone then the throw is counted as invalid.

In this game the athlete needs to hold the discus in his hand with proper placement of fingers. By standing in a circular zone and facing towards the discus-throwing area, the athlete spins around oneself to gain the momentum and finally throws the discus in the air.

Discus Throw – A Game of Projection

Discus throw demands high physical strength and more importantly, one’s balance upon one’s body since weight of the discus, the grip on the discus and precise circular movement around oneself involved matters the most.

Game of Projection

The player needs to deliver a fixed number of throws out of which the best score is considered. The player who throws the discus farthest among all competitors is declared as a winner. This projection game is played in both men’s and women’s category.

Discus Throw – Participating Countries

Since its introduction to Olympiad games, the popularity and demand of this game by different nations grew exponentially. Many Asian and non-Asian countries have their active participation in this category of game. List of some of the major dominating Asian countries follows China, Iran, India, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

The IAAF championships shows participation of men and women from US, Germany, Cuba, Hungary, Estonia, and Lithuania in Discus Throw sport.

Discus Throw – Regulating Body

International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) is the body of people who governs athletic sports and organizes various world championship since 1983. It sets rules for the athletic games and holds various world championships annually, biennially, and every four years.