Wushu – Variants

Wushu is a combination of two types of demonstrations −

  • Sanshou
  • Taolu


It is derived from its name ‘San’ means three and ‘shou’ means arts. Sanshou is a combination of three styles of fighting: throwing, punching, and kicking. It is a combat part of Wushu. Due to these styles, Wushu is different from other fight sports such as Boxing, Wrestling, and Judo. Sanshou was introduced in the international arena in track events in the year 1979. After that it has become one of the most popular events among athletics players and viewers.



Unlike Sanshou, Taolu is the demonstrative part of the fighting skill. Here the fighters demonstrate Wushu skills like energy, speed, agility, and rhythm. They can perform these demonstrations with or without the opponent according to the requirement of the game. Taolu is recognized in Asian and Olympic games, and is keenly played in all categories like senior, junior, or in sub-junior levels.


Wushu Uniforms

Uniforms are termed as Sanshou. The uniforms that are worn by the players are −

  • Black and red half pant and a Sando suit.

  • Half sleeves with inner and half pants up to knee level.

  • The non-group uniforms are short sleeves with long pants and belt of usually dark brown, green, or navy blue color.

  • The Taiji group uniform is full sleeves of very light colors such as pink, yellow, white, or light shades of blue and green.