Wushu – Equipment

As it is a form of martial arts, the players are not required to wear much equipment which can interfere with the actions or make the body heavy. But some equipment are needed to protect from the punches and kicks. Let us see the equipment used for playing Wushu.

Boxing Gloves

These are regular boxing gloves used in Wushu to attack and defend the opponent. Sanshou players need to wear them.

Head Guard

This is used to protect the head from the opponent’s attack. This equipment is used for safety purpose. Sanshou players need to wear them.

Teeth Guards

In fighting, there may be severe blow to one’s teeth. So to protect them, one has to wear teeth guards like boxing players. Sanshou players need to wear teeth guards.

Wushu Equipments

Chest Guard

This is another equipment for security purposes and the most important one because unlike boxing the blow from an opponent is mainly on the opponent’s chest. Hence, a Wushu fighter must wear a chest guard.

Shin Pad

This pad is for training purposes. By practicing with this equipment, a person or a trainee can improve his power, potential, and muscle in his elbow and even in his thigh.

Cup Protector

It is a type of athletic supporter to shield the players against severe injuries to the groin area.

Wushu Equipments

Kick Bag

This equipment is made out of leather and nylon. It is filled with sawdust or cotton cut piece clothes. Its circumference or diameter will be 10 feet in which kick and punch can combine at a time.

Punching Pad

It is also made out of leather and nylon. It is filled with soft sponge. It is made in such a way that it can be a five-finger grip. However, it should be flat so that the power of punch can improve accordingly while punching.

Wushu Swords

Among the swords used in Wushu, the famous ones are Daoshu (a broad sword), Straight sword, Taiji sword, Mongun, Memdao sword, Gunshu, and Qianshu. The swords are sometimes tied with a tassel or beautiful silk cloth at the end that sways gracefully when the Wushu players move.

Wushu Equipments