Wushu – Rules

As the performance sport of Wushu involves two major types, there is a list of separate rules for the competitors participating in Sanshou and Taolu. Let us see what the rules are briefly.

Common Rules for Sanshou and Taolu

Here are some common rules for both Sanshou and Taolu players −

  • The contestants have to compete according to their weight categories. They are required to participate in a mandatory weighing-in session that is held before the competition. For fair weighing of each competitor, they are required to weigh with very light undergarments. Also, if a competitor is heavier, he or she is given some time to reach the required weight.

  • There are mandatory as well as individually choreographed routines, which the participants need to demonstrate in front of a panel of judges.

  • The participants start performing only when called, after they salute the judges, the coaches, and the opponent in case of Sanshou.

  • The participants must appear with appropriate uniform.

  • The participants must clear the anti-doping test.

Rules for Sanshou

The rules for Sanshou are −

  • One bout involves three two-minute rounds, with a minute of rest after each round.

  • The participants must adhere to the rules of Wushu style attack and defense. They must not strike their opponents using their heads, elbows, or knees.

  • It is illegal to hit the opponent’s head if he or she is already down.

  • It is illegal to attack the opponent on the backside of the head, neck, and crotch.

  • Attacking the opponent is prohibited before or after the calls that signals the start and end of each bout.

Rules for Taolu

The rules for Taolu are as follows −

  • There are specially choreographed or mandatory routines for performance display.

  • The duration of each performance may vary depending upon the type of event. It lies between 50 seconds to 6 minutes.

  • Competitors must finish their performance including first salute before the stipulated time.

  • If the participant requires music in the background, the event management plays the recorded music. The music must not contain lyrics, words, or any verbal cues of actions.

Rules for Taolu

Rules Regarding Wushu Weapons

Here are a few rules regarding Wushu weapons −

  • Jian and Dao (Swords and Broadswords) − The tip of the weapon, when held up with a straightened arm behind your back, must reach the top of the player’s ear.

  • Nandao (Southern Sword) − The tip of the weapon, when held up with a straightened arm behind your back, must reach the bottom of the player’s chin.

  • Gun (Cudgel) − The length of this weapon must not be shorter than the player’s height.

  • Qiang (Spear) − The length of this weapon cannot be shorter than the distance from the ground to the player’s middle fingertip when his or her arms are extended overhead while standing straight.