Wushu – Playing Environment

As we know that Wushu is of two types, one is Sanshou and other is Taolu, there are different playing arenas for conducting the game.

Sanshou Playing Environment

For Sanshou, the competition area is prepared using wood. The arena should be 80cm high, 800cm long, and 800cm wide. Here is how it looks −

Sanshou Playing Environment

It needs to be covered with soft mats and a canvas surface on top of the mat. Also the logo of IWUF must be displayed at the center of the platform. The boundaries of the platform are also engraved with 5cm-wide red line. Inside 90cm of the boundaries of the platform, a square line of 10cm-wide is marked.

Taolu Playing Environment

Taolu competition is conducted on a carpet of which the length is 14m and breadth is 8m. There should be mark of liner edge of 5cm breadth and also at the middle of the longer side line, there is a line drawn of 30cm length and 5cm breadth. Taolu can also be played on a grass field.

Taolu Playing