Water Skiing – Equipment

Water Skiing is the sport of adventure, strength, and competition. To play it safely and correctly, the skier needs adequate equipment. Apart from skier’s physical and moral strength, the equipment contribute major role in the skier’s performance.

Let us see the equipment used in Water Skiing −

Water Skiing – The Skis

The skis are primary equipment of the sport. In older times they were made of wood. Contemporary skis are made up of various types of material such as fiber glass or a hybrid of fiberglass and graphite, which make them light weight but costly. Contemporary boards are extremely light and are made of carbon fiber.

Water Skiing Skis

While buying a ski, make sure it is strong, durable, and can take the skier’s weight.

Water Skiing – Binding

Another important equipment of Water Skiing is its binding. Binding not only gives physical support but also makes the skier comfortable while riding the ski over water.

Water Skiing Binding

Materials used for the construction of this type are endless but among all, gum rubber of ¼ inch thickness is an ideal fit. Its metal parts may rust with the passage of time. So make sure that the metallic part is made up of non-rusting material like aluminum and should easily fit on any kind of foot.

Flotation Device

Water Skiing Flotation

Although the rider is proficient at swimming, a floatation device is required for the safety purpose, the construction of which is a jacket type. It is made up of unicellular foams upon which nylon straps are reinforced.

There is also an additional coating of vinyl is provided upon the straps. High impact plastics are used for the construction of the fasteners to make them rust proof.

Tow Ropes

Water Skiing Two Ropes

Construction of an idle tow rope is made up of a single handle of 75 feet. The construction material should be polyethylene or poly propylene with an aim to float on water.

The gripping materials used for the handle can be made up of aluminum or also can be in the form of unpainted wood. The rope tied to it should be in such a manner that it should be eye spliced at the handle and lock spliced at the joints.

Water Skiing – Towing Boats

It is not necessary that for water skiing, you will need a boat of higher horse power always. Generally people competing for tournaments use that type of boats. However; if you are playing it for your personal pleasure, a small horsepower engine is also sufficient.

Water Skiing Towing Boats

The length of the boats that are used for this purpose usually ranges from 14 feet to 20 feet long. The speed with which you want to drive it solely depends upon the capacity of the skier. Usually an average speed of 20-25 mph is sufficient for a normal adult and a speed of 15-20 mph for small children.

A tow bar or pylon should be employed such that the rider will remain away from the boat engine and propeller.

Here is a list of some safety equipment that must be carried on a tow boat are −

  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Keys and key chain float
  • Two paddles
  • A bar or pylon for the purpose of attaching the ski line
  • Bail or pump
  • Life preservers approved by DOT
  • Boarding ladder