How to Play Water Skiing?

Water skiing is extreme sport that needs knowledge of the sport followed by regular practice. Apart from the knowledge of the game and self-paced practice, one needs a professional trainer to get a grip on this sport. Let us see in brief, how it is played −

Water Skiing – Two Skis

Two skis is one of the most basic forms of water skiing. Here is how to play it −

  • Position yourself with a straight head and back.

  • Tuck the knees into your chest up to 6 inches apart.

  • Wrap your hands around them so that they are stable.

  • Wait for the boat to pull you up.

  • Once you are coming above the water level, position yourself above the skies with slightly bent knees by keeping your hands straight and head up.

  • Once you position and stabilize yourself, it is the time to cross the wake. Put your weight on the side of the ski that you want to turn over.

  • Flex your knees at this position. It helps absorbing the unwanted shocks with more ease.

  • Try to cross a wake at right angle.

  • In case you want to return back to your previous position behind the boat, just do vice versa.

Water Skiing Two Skis

Water Skiing – Dock Start

Dock start is another popular method of doing the two skis. Before staring, a rope of of 5-10 feet length should be placed on the dock.

  • Position yourself on the edge of the ski in such a manner that the tip of it points up and legs are slightly bent.

  • Hold the handle.

  • Put your back straight and arms slightly bent while the butt is pulling away from the dock.

  • On the skier’s command only the driver will “hit it” as soon as the rope goes taut.

  • If you want to sail smoothly from dock to water, then just lean backward with a proper skiing position.

Water Skiing Dock Start

Water Skiing – Two Ski Side Slide Trick

This is the most basic trick that every beginner should know. Here are the steps for side-slide left −

  • Position your body vertical crouch like with your head up and your knees and arms being slightly in bent position.

  • If you want to side-slide to left position then just do a little bouncing action.

  • Let go the handle this time with your left hand.

  • As you see yourself gradually moving aside, keep a reasonable space between both skies and try not to catch the edge of the boat.

  • Use your free hand (in this case left hand) for balancing and point your head towards the boat.

  • If you want to side slide to the right, then just follow the above steps with right hand.

Water Skiing – 180 Degree Turn

Here is how you do 180º from front to back side turn while water skiing −

  • Hold the handle very close to your body.
  • Position your skies with a minimum foot distance.
  • Now with a gentle bounce, turn towards left with your head being in up position.
  • Release your left hand.
  • Slowly pull the handle towards the right hip with the help of the right hand.
  • Now turn by staying low.
  • Pull the handle towards your back in such a manner that your free hand can easily find it.
  • As soon as you find the handle at your back, press the tow bar immediately.
  • Slightly pull yourself out from the boat by keeping your knees in bent position.
  • If you want to make a front turn, then just repeat above steps in other direction.

Water Skiing 180 Degree Turn

Water Skiing – 360 Degree Turn

This is nothing but a combination of two types of turning. One is from front to back and other is from back to front in the opposite direction. Follow these steps −

  • Maintain a low profile being in a vertical crouch position.

  • Now without fumbling, pass the handle from hand to hand smoothly by keeping it close.

  • By combining both front to back and back to front turns, do it in a slow manner first. If you are finding yourself in difficulty at the middle of any stage then do not hesitate to pause for some time. With a regular practice you can perfectly make a 360º turn without pausing anymore.