Shot Put – Rules

The rules of the shot put are governed by IAAF (International Association of Athletic Association) and WMA (World Masters Athletic). So let’s know about some important rules.

  • When an athlete’s name is announced, he or she will be having only 60 seconds to commence the throwing motion.

  • For safety purpose, the players can tape their fingers but they certainly cannot wear gloves.

  • The resting position of the shot is near the neck and it should remain over there throughout the motion.

  • With the use of only one hand, the shot should be released above the height of shoulder.

  • An athlete can use the perimeter of inside the circle but certainly cannot use the border or outside area of the toe board. Extension of the limbs outside the circle during the throw is allowed.

  • The legal sector is 34.92 degree of the throwing area. The shot should be thrown within that range.

  • An athlete should leave the circle from back.

Fouls in Shot Put

A throw will be called a foul in the following circumstances −

  • The athlete does not pause before the throwing action within the circle.

  • The athlete is unable to commence the throw within 60 sec of calling his name.

  • The athlete holds the shot below the shoulder level or outside its vertical level.

  • The athlete is not able to make a continuous contact of the shot with the neck and it slips off.

  • If during the throwing the shot touches any of the following

    • Top or ends of the toe board

    • Upper side of the iron ring

    • At any position outside the circle.

  • The athlete goes out of the circle before the landing of the shot.

  • The athlete does not move from the rear half of the circle.