How to Play Discus Throw?

Every game has some bottom lines for playing than contribute to playing it accurately. Let us know more about how to play Discus Throw −

The game starts when a player enters into the cage with discus and takes position in the discus circle. Till the throw is complete, you need to remain inside the discus circle.

Discus Throw – Foul Throw

Fouls can occur in the following cases −

  • You step outside the discus circle.

  • You drop the discus outside the discus circle during your first swing.

  • You throw with both hands.

Gripping the Discus

To hold the discus with a firm grip, follow the given steps −

  • Place your non-throwing hand under the discus for support.

  • On the top of the Discus, place your throwing hand.

  • Without stretching, spread the fingers of throwing hand evenly over the discus.

  • Avoid putting excess pressure on the discus.

Avoid Excess Pressure

  • Position the Discuss properly at the first joint of the fingers and place the finger tips firmly over the rim.

Discus Throwing Step-by-Step

Before going into the main event, you need good practice of some preliminary swings and with that adopt your shoulder well with the stance. Let us see the throwing techniques step by step −

Step 1

  • Position of the discus high, in a relaxed manner.

  • Instead of speed it is the radius that matters the most. So keep your hand long enough from the body so that it will give a huge radius on the discus.

  • Position your body weight in the middle of the stance.

  • Aim on chin over the knee over toe of your left leg.

Step 2

  • As soon as you take off the right foot from the ground, shift your body weight on the left foot.

  • Trail the discus behind your hips.

Discus Behind Your Hips

  • Bring right foot towards the center of the circle by swinging it wide of the left foot.

Step 3

This step is important in the view of positioning of the foot.

  • Pivot your right foot on the ground with its ball.

  • Position the left foot low.

Step 4

  • Hold the discus in the high position behind your back.

Discus in High Position

  • Balance and maintain the level of both your shoulders.

Balance Your Shoulders

  • As soon as the right foot lands on the ground, aim for the chin over knee over toe over right leg.

  • Maintain the position of the left foot still low and fast.

Step 5

  • You can achieve real power when you touch the ground with the left foot.

  • During this time position, your left arm in the direction of the throw.

  • Complete the pivoting of the right foot.

Pivoting Right Foot

  • Brace the left side of your body now.

  • Drive your right hip in forward direction to aid the motion.

Step 6

  • As you drive forward the right hip, note the “bow” position.

  • Make your right arm relaxed and comfortable as it is the time to strike.

Right Arm Relaxed

  • Keep the left side braced and firm all over this step.

Step 7

  • Let your right arm come through fast and last.

  • Do the aerodynamic lift and drag of the release angle.

Aerodynamic Lift

  • Even after the release of the discus, keep your left foot well-grounded as before.

  • Soon after the throw, keep the position of your right arm and the corresponding thumb in line with each other.

Discus Weight Specifications

Weight specification of the discus varies depending upon the age group and gender. The below given chart clearly shows the details −

Age group (Years) For Male (in Kg) For Female(in Kg)
11-12 1 0.75
13-14 1.25 1
15-16 1.5 1
17-19 1.75 1
20-34 2 1
35-49 2 1
50-59 1.5 1
60-69 1 1
70-75 1 1
75+ 1 0.75