Discus Throw – Important Terms

Here is a list of a few common terms used in discus throw −

  • Cage − A U shaped mesh installed around the discus circle for the protection of viewers, officials, and competitors.

  • Discus Circle − A circle marked with 2.5m diameter from which the player launches the discus.

  • Throw − Propelling the discus in the proper direction with appropriate body movements.

Discus Throw Proper Direction

  • Foul − If the player has thrown the discus without adhering to the rules, the throw is counted as a foul.

  • Swing − It is the movement of the player around itself.

  • Stance − A deliberately taken posture of the body for being ready for the activity.

  • Release Angle − It is the angle between the right arm and the horizontal ground made at the time of releasing the discus. Release angle and speed of throw are inversely proportional to each other.

  • Release − Propagating the discus into the air at the time of throw.

  • Lift − It is the force that opposes the force of gravity. It depends on the speed of discus relative to the speed of wind, the density of air, shape of the object, orientation, and the angle of orientation with respect to the direction of motion.

  • Drag − It is the force that tends to oppose the motion. It depends on all the factors as listed above.