Discus Throw – Equipment

Discus throw game is not equipment-heavy. You just need a couple of things to play the game. The discus throw equipment are available for amateur as well as for professionals. The main equipment in the game is the discus that comes in various materials and weights. The equipment in the playing environment such as the cage is also equally important for safe playing.

Discus Throw Equipment

The Discus

It is the primary object in the Discus Throw game. The discus can be made of various materials such as rubber, wood, and metals. It weighs in the range of 1 Kg to 2.5Kg. The beginners prefer discus with less weight for practicing the throw.

The discus is often paired with a case that protects the discus from damage and makes it easy for the player to carry.

Discus Dimensions and Weights

These are typical dimensions and weights of the discus used by men and women −

Gender Diameter Weight
Men 22cm 2Kg
Women 18cm 1Kg

Types of Discus

There are various discus available in the market for the use by different genders and age groups. Here are the typical types of discus −

Discus Style Look Purpose
Club Club Made of solid wood, meant for all throwers.
Training Training Adjustable weights, meant for beginners to start learning the throws.
Top Fly Top Fly Made of polycarbonate fibers, meant for professionals.
Swift Swift IAAF certified discus designed for workout session. Comes with galvanized steel rim of 80% of the total weight and side plates made from Polycarbonate material.
Ultimate Ultimate Meant for seasoned and professional throwers.
Target Target IAAF certified discus designed for all throwers. Comes with galvanized steel rim of 70% of the total weight.
Rubber Rubber Made of highly durable solid rubber that gives good grip. Meant for training sessions.

Supporting Equipment

There are a few more equipment required to conduct Discus Throw game −

  • Measuring tape − It is used for measuring length of the throw of the discus.

  • Marking Flags − They are used to mark several throws made by a single player.

  • Recording Sheets − They are required by the trainers or officials to record the scores and other details of the players.

Supporting Equipment