Popular Terms in Boxing

Before being able to play or watch boxing, you should be familiar with the following terms, which are most frequently used during boxing matches.

  • Blocking − The technique to prevent an opponent’s punch from landing cleanly on the head or torso by using the hands, shoulders or arms.

  • Bout − A short spanned match conducted between two competitors with a timeline of four three-minute rounds, and with a break of one-minute between each round.

  • Break − A referee’s command for boxers to free from a prolonged trap or a clinch.

  • Caution − An admonition to the boxer by a referee. Three cautions are issued before a warning. Mostly, the player is cautioned when he commits a foul.

  • Clinch − When two boxers are holding, or trapping each other for a longer duration, without any punches or fight involved.

  • Down − A boxer is considered “down” if he touches the floor with anything other than his feet or if he goes outside the ropes after receiving a punch. A boxer is also technically “down,” even if he hasn’t fallen but takes a serious blow or blows to the head and the referee steps in to stop the action.

  • Foul − An infringement of boxing rules.

  • Hook − A short power punch in which the boxer swings from the shoulder with his elbow bent, bringing his fist from the side toward the center.

  • In-fighting − Boxing at close range.

  • Jab − A quick, straight punch thrown with the lead hand.

  • Knock Down − A boxer is technically “knocked down,” even if he hasn’t fallen but he takes a serious blow or blows to the head and the referee steps in to stop the action.

  • Neutral Corner − One of the two corners in the ring that do not belong to either fighter.

  • Rabbit Punch − This punch is considered to be against the game rules or as being illegal, as one of the competitors lodges a punch to the back of the opponent’s head or body (mostly kidneys). This punch is mostly delivered when the boxers are having a wrestle “inside.”

  • Saved by the Bell − When a fighter is on the verge of being knocked out, or is knocked out just as the bell sounds, so that the fighter does not lose and has a minute to compose himself.

  • Standing 8 Count − This term is used when one of the boxers is unable to continue the fight due to reasons like being injured, cannot continue, etc. In this case, the referee stops the fight and starts a count till eight, giving the player a chance to either continue or declare closure.

  • Uppercut − This is one of the punches that is landed on the guard of the boxer from below in an upward direction.

  • Warning − An alert given by the referee to the boxer in case of any fouls or extension of three warnings. Once the referee indicates a warning then the ringside judges will decide about issuing points. The opponent who is issued the warning, loses the bout or is disqualified.

  • Weaving − A method used by the boxer to escape the anticipated punches through twist and turn movements.