Boxing – Equipment

Apart from the ring, boxers should have the following basic equipment in order to compete −

  • Gloves − This is the most important piece of equipment for boxers. It’s used to protect the wrists and hands of the boxers, as well as to protect the face of the opponent from incoming blows.

  • Mouthpiece − It has to be worn in order to protect the mouth and teeth, as well as to absorb some of the force of the blows to the head.

  • Headgear − It’s mandatory only for amateur boxers to protect their head.

  • Protective cups are to be worn on every competitive level, to shield the groin area.

  • Boxing professionals have to wear loose-fitting trunks and soft-soled shoes across all the levels of the game.

  • Sleeveless jersey at amateur level, boxers are required to wear a sleeveless jersey of a different color than the waistband of the trunks.