Boxing – Tournaments

Because of its huge popularity, different organizations organize boxing tournaments at a professional or amateur level.

Amateur boxing tournaments

  • Golden Gloves Association of America − This association organizes tournaments in different states, the winners of each different state compete at a national level (The Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions) to decide the winner.

  • Mexico also organizes a tournament called Guantes De Oro (meaning “Gloves of Gold”)

  • USA Boxing − A non-profit organization that promotes Olympic-style boxing in America. It is overseen by the United States Olympic Committee, and its rules are set by the International Boxing Association.

Professional boxing tournaments

  • World Boxing Association (WBA) − An international boxing organization that awards the WBA world championship title.

  • World Boxing Council (WBC) − One of the most prestigious organizations for boxing. It has over 140 countries with their flags represented on the awarding belt.

  • World Boxing Organization (WBO) − The organization which recognizes professional boxing world champions.

  • International Boxing Federation (IBF) − The federation creates different regional titles throughout the United States and other countries, to give young boxers the opportunity to participate.