Bobsleigh Tutorial

Bobsleigh is a winter game which involves two or four players sleighing in a specially designed track. It has been included in winter Olympics since the first winter games held in 1924. It is also termed as the most expensive winter Olympic game because of its equipment costs and the technical complexity involved in building them. This tutorial will let you know about the basics of this Bobsleigh.


People who are looking for sports that involve speed, power, balance, and a hundred percent focus, can opt for Bobsleigh. This tutorial is meant for those who don’t have enough knowledge in Bobsleigh but still are passionate enough to learn it.

This tutorial will help people learn the basic rules and strategies involved in Bobsleigh.


Before starting Bobsleighing, a player needs to take care of certain factors. It requires a perfect balance of speed, power and weight is required. A player has to focus completely throughout the game, as the sleighs move at very high speed. The players need to be prepared for the low temperature environment of the race track.

The players need enough muscle and leg power in order to provide a powerful boost to the sleigh with full speed. They again need to stay lean, as the weight on the sleigh affects the speed and reduces the wind resistance.