Bobsleigh – Race Tracks

A specially built narrow track is used in bobsleigh. These tracks are tilted at corners to give the desired speed boost to the players. The tracks are mostly made up of concrete and are filled with snow and ice. These tracks look like narrow tunnels with lots of twists, turns, and slopes. The lengths of these turns are around 1200 to 1600m and consists of at least fifteen curves.

There are total seventeen bobsleigh tracks available worldwide. These tracks are made of reinforced concrete and are piped with ammonia refrigeration to keep the track cool. The only exception is the track present at St Moritz, Switzerland, which is naturally refrigerated.


The track consists of narrow straightaway and curves which have deviation starting from smaller angles to 360 degree. These curves are banked almost 6 meters high above the ground where the racers can experience pressures that is four times the pressure of gravity.