Ten-Pin Bowling – Playing Environment

Ten-Pin bowling is played on a smooth, narrow surface called lane. A foul line is there at the beginning of the lane which shouldn’t be crossed by the players while bowling. At the end of the lane, pins are arranged in a triangular manner. The length between the pins and the foul line is 60 feet. About 15 feet from the foul line, a set of guide lines are there.

On the other side of the lane, gutters are there. If the ball drops off the lane, it falls into the gutter and gets carried past the pins. The approach area is 15 feet long and ends at the foul line. Here the player holds the ball and rolls it in the lane while making a proper balance. The width of the lane is 41.5 inches and consists of 39 woods.


At the end of the lane, the pins are arranged in four rows with one pin in the first row, two pins in the second row, three pins in the third and four pins in the last row. The pins are not numbered but the positions in which they are placed are numbered. The lane is protected by 18 millimetres of oil which starts 4 inches from the foul line and is applied 38 feet down the lane from that point.