Javelin Throw Tutorial

Distance, speed, and angle of projection are some of the basic key terms that can define the game of Javelin Throw. It is one of the most ancient sports of the mankind that is widely popular all over the globe. In this game, the athlete needs to throw a spear like structure into the air to make it land within a specific boundary target. This article will help you grasping the essential basic knowledge about the javelin throw. Though the “How to play” section is not very comprehensive, yet it is sufficient enough to supplement a beginner with necessary playing techniques.


This tutorial is aimed at giving an overall knowledge on how to throw a javelin successfully. It provides step-by-step illustrations and guidance to help beginners gain all the relevant information about this game.


All that you need to have is a passion and eagerness to learn the game of Javelin Throw. It assumes no prior knowledge of the game.