Javelin Throw – Rules

Knowledge of throwing techniques well help you emerge as a winner in a competition. You must also be aware with various rules of a match else you will earn a penalty even after your best throw. So here are some of the important rules.

  • Holding the javelin must be done at the grip part and should always be maintained above the shoulder level.

  • For valid throw, the javelin must lie before the specified zone and its tip should hit the ground.

  • There is a special marking line on the runway within which the athlete needs to throw.

  • The athlete should not leave the ground until the javelin lands on the ground.

  • After the throwing action has been made, the thrower should not turn back towards the pointing direction, until it lands.

  • The number of throws allowed per athlete is same as that of the discus throw.

  • Once the competition has started, the athletes cannot use the perimeter for practise purpose.

  • Using any device that may assist the thrower in throwing is strictly prohibited. For example, tapping of fingers are not allowed unless there is a wound.

  • The throw will be considered as a foul in the following cases −

    • Improper throw of the javelin in the attempt.
    • Demarking of the line with any body part.
    • Player going out of the marking line while throwing
    • The tip of the javelin lies outside the edges of the landing sector.
  • The time is increased to 1 minute if there are 2-3 number of competitors. In case only one competitor is left, time is increased to 2 minutes.