Javelin Throw – Safety & Exercise

Javelin Throw – Safety Measures

Though the game seems easy by reading, yet not that much safe, if you are not aware of the safety measures. The front part of the javelin is sharp metallic pointed. So any imbalance in throw can cause physical injury to you or any other person nearby you. So let’s know about some important safety measures.

  • During the time of throw, make sure that no one is standing in front or behind of the thrower. Observer should stand at the sides of the athlete.

  • From a particular position throwing should be done and it should be thrown in a particular pre-defined direction.

  • After the throw, carry the javelin back to the throwing area instead of throwing it back over there.

  • Unless you are throwing the javelin, hold it vertically instead of holding it with some angle. Make sure that the pointing portion is facing down.

  • The right way to put a javelin on the ground is to stuck it vertically down; otherwise the angular position may hurt someone’s leg.

Exercises to Improve Your Game

Final arm action

To do this exercise, hold the javelin above the shoulder level by standing on your left foot. The tip of the javelin should point downward. With a little bit pull back. Throw it 3-4 metre ahead with a stabbing action. Next time repeat the same with much force to a distance of 10-15 metre.

Arm Action

Heavy ball throw

Stand with your feet well apart on the ground. Your rear leg should be slightly bent forward while the front leg should lean backward a little but with a stretching position. Your hand should be above your shoulder holding a ball in the palm. Throw the ball to front with a rotating action of your hip and elbow.

Heavy Ball Through

Directing flight

This exercise is done to for getting some idea about throwing angle. The thrower should stand with the javelin as shown in the figure. One person should hold it from behind with a desired angle. Thrower’s hip must point forward and he should throw the javelin with a great thrust. More practise will give the idea to the athlete about the exact angle of throw.

Directing Flight