Popular Terms In Carrom

You must familiarize yourself with the following terms before playing carrom −

  • Queen − It is a red colored carrommen placed at the center of the board at the beginning of the game.

  • Foul − Any wrong strike by the player is considered a foul. She/he has to miss their turn and stand a penalty of one carromman.

  • Break − The first strike on the board is called a break.

  • Push − A sudden jerk of the board while playing is called push. It is a kind of foul.

  • Strike − Player hitting the carrommen with a striker directly or indirectly.

  • Due − A penalty term, when the player commits a foul and places his carromman in the center.

  • Penalty − A penalty is different from foul and this is applicable when player violates the laws of carrom.

  • Covering − It means pocketing a carromman as cover for the queen.

  • Thumbing − Any proper strike played with thumb is called thumbing.

  • White slam − It means pocketing all white carrommen with or without queen in first strike or turn.

  • Black slam − It means pocketing all black carrommen with or without queen in first turn.