Carrom – Equipment

Apart from the carrom board itself, one would normally get to see the following equipment when a game is on.

Carrommen − The Carrommen are circular pieces of wood colored black, white, and red. There are nine black, nine white, and one red (queen) carrommen on a board.


Striker − This is also a circular piece, normally made of plastic that is used to strike the carrommen. A striker is bigger in dimension than a carrommen.


Net − Each corner hole is covered from beneath by nets fixed at the bottom of the Carrom board.


Powder − A unique powder made of boric acid is sprayed on the board for players to flick and pocket the carrommen smoothly with the striker.


Stand − The carrom board is placed on a stand so that the game can be played at a comfortable height without the players having to bend their back too much.


Light − A light is hung over the board for better visibility and it produces heat that ensures the powder doesn’t stick to the board.