Carrom – Playing Environment

First of all, the necessary arrangements are to be made and a proper playing environment has to be set up before sitting down to play carrom. The carrom board is placed on a stand and players occupy the chairs on its four sides.

Carrom Board Design

The board has a design on it with a decorated circle at its center, base lines on four sides, and arrows pointing towards the net holes located at the four corners. There are circles at the end of every base line called base circle. The carrommen are arranged inside the circle at the center and struck with the striker.

Carrom Board Design

The playing surface of a carrom board is normally made of plywood and it is at least 8 mm thick with a completely smooth surface. The frames around the playing surface are made of wood which rise above the playing surface to a height of 1.90 cm to 2.54 cm. The width of the frames can be anywhere in between 6.35 cm to 7.60 cm.

Carrom Board

Any carrom board has four arrows drawn on it at each corner, as shown in the above picture. Exactly at the center of the board is the Center Circle colored red. Around the center circle is the Outer Circle inside which the carrommen are arranged.

Dimensions of a Carrom Board

Carrom boards come in different sizes, depending on who is going to use it. Sometimes, they are made of plastic as well. However, the boards that are used in professional gaming events have a standard dimension. Take a look at the following image. It shows the exact dimensions of a standard carrom board.

Dimensions of a Carrom