Carrom – Variants

When carrom is played at a professional level in tournaments, there is only one fixed format, i.e., Board. However, carrom can be played in other ways too, but they are predominantly meant for amusement.


Board is a format that is played at professional level. In this format, each carromman is accorded one point and the queen carries three points. There are only eight boards played at the professional level to decide the winner based on points. The limit is 25 points and this level has many laws to follow to play the game.

Total point

Total point is a funnier side of the game where a player is free to pocket any carromman. Black carries five points, white carries 10 points, and queen 25 or 50 points depending on the group. This is either played as individuals or groups at home. The individual or group left with the maximum point is declared the winner after numerous rounds. In general, all nine white and black carrommen with queen on top are piled at the center. Randomly, one player strikes first and keeps the strike as long as he is able to pocket a carrommen in every strike, else the strike is passed to another player when a carromman is not pocketed.


Duboo is a form of carrom, played mostly in Karachi, Pakistan. It is played on a board that is larger than a usual carrom board. In this format, the striker is slid across the board and not flicked as done in professional carrom.


Tokyu-ban which means ‘fight ball board’ in English is a type of carrom that is played in some part of Japan.