Weightlifting – Playing Environment

The Platform

A platform is a square shaped area having dimensions of 4 metres by 4 metres on which all the lifts should be performed. The platform may be made of plastic, wood or any solid material but must have a non-slippery covering over it. In case the colour of the platform matches with the colour of the floor around it, the platform must have a different coloured border of 150mm along its top edge. Furthermore, the height of the platform should not be more than 150mm from the floor.

Field of Play (The Stage)


The field of play consists of the platform as well as the surrounding floor. Like the platform, it is also square shaped having dimensions 10 metres by 10 metres. A maximum height of 10 metres is allowed, when measured from the level where the Jury and the Referees are positioned. During the time of placing the platform on the stage, each must be affixed to the stage at a minimum distance of 2.5 metres from the front edge and 2 metres from the back edge of the platform. The restraining bars should have maximum height and width of 200mm.

Warmup Area

The participants are provided with warm-up areas, as close as possible to the field of play, with the sole aim of getting themselves prepared for the competition. The warm-up area must be well equipped with the rudimentary necessities such as numbered platforms as per the contestants, barbells, chalks, etc.