Softball – Playing Environment

Softball is a variant of baseball in which the ball is comparatively larger and the ground is smaller. This game is mostly played by female players. The game has three variants namely fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball, and Chicago ball.

The field of softball is smaller in size in comparison to baseball. The details of the field is as follows −

  • The two parts of a softball field are foul territory and fair territory.

  • This fair territory is divided into infield, outfield, and territory beyond outfield fence. The field that meets at a right angle at home plate is defined as foul territory.

  • To indicate the limits of the field, a fence runs between the baselines.

  • The backstop, which is behind home plate, must be between 25 and 30 feet.

  • The home plate has bases at each corner and it is on one corner of a diamond.

  • Other than home plate, the bases are 38 cm square of canvas and is not more than 13 cm thick.

Playing Environment

  • The numbering of the bases is in counter clockwise as first base, second base and third base. These bases are normally fastened to the ground.

  • To prevent collision among the players, there is a contrast coloured double base or safety base. It is mainly intended to lessen collision between the first baseman and the runner.

  • Softball has some similarities with baseball. The runner runs after hitting the ball to the foul portion of the double base and at the same time the fielding team tries to collect the ball and throw it to the regular first base accurately before the runner reaches the safety base.

  • Women’s softball usually have safety bases. But in case of men, softball diamonds don’t have these safety bases.

  • The infield consists of infielders and the diamond. The remaining space between the baselines and between the outfield fence and infield is called as the outfield.

  • A pitching plate is positioned near the centre of the diamond. Normally, a circle of 16 feet diameter is known as the pitching circle in fast-pitch softball. This is drawn around the pitching plate.