Snooker – Points to Remember

The players have to keep in mind the following points before playing snooker.


You should play every day. Always try to have one day in a week, but there is a need of doing a lot of training and practice.

Play with people

There must be new challenging things to make proper improvement. Try to go to tournaments which will be a great way to meet and play with more players. Remember, the better your opponents, the more you will improve.

Take Setbacks as learning

As you see development in snooker you will also face a hell of a lot of knocks, but if you keep ongoing, this will make you stronger. When you start out, you get beaten regularly, but in the long run these setbacks will only make you more experienced and stronger. You steadily get better and start rising because you know what to expect.

Improving Your Long Potting

There are so many long potting routines you can work at. Try to pot as many as you can in a row to develop your accuracy.

Shatter the Red balls to Work

Being capable to catch the cue ball into the right position for your next shot comes from experience. The more you play, the more charged on you are

Practicing cannons is a unique way to get used to something good to happen. You can also try going for the pack of reds to expect where they’re going to open and give yourself an opportunity to break.

Super Safety Shots

To practice playing safe, pull a line at the back of the table and assume it as a target. Play thin off a red and try to get the cue ball back in behind the line. It might be tricky at first, but you’ll get close and ultimately start to get it in more often.

Clear all the Colors

Try to clear all the colors regularly. There will be times in matches where you‘ve to clear the table to watch out the frame.

The T Exercise

There are lots of useful line-ups that are really good to practice. There is one exercise called a T exercise, where you put the reds in a T shape and try to pot every ball minimum four times without missing. That works on your concentration level. If you’ve done it three times and you miss on the fourth attempt, it’s a bit stripping because you’ve got to start all over again.

Pool Helps with Angles

Pool is great for working for your angles which will help you.

Relax Before a Match

Before a match, try to get on the table to have ten minutes warm-up, to get used to the surface and getting your cueing arm in flow. To get focused and collect my thoughts, either with help of coach or by own.

Keep Fit

Keep yourself fit throughout the time as this will motivate you and increase confidence in yourself.