Sky Surfing – Rules

Though sky surfing is an extreme sport where the surfers play with utmost energy, but they have to adhere with the rules and regulations of the sport strictly. Undoubtedly this is one of the craziest and one of the most exciting sport that human being has invented. The players have to jump from a minimum height of 13,000 feet above the ground level which is around 4000 metres.

Rules for Jumping

There are certainly no exiting postures or positions for the surfers unless imposed by the chief pilot of the plane. There is a chief pilot for safety reasons concerning with the players.

  • The team can’t jump haphazardly without maintaining any order in fact there is a strict jumping order for the surfers.

  • For the first jump done by the players, the jump order will be determined by placing of a reverse order. It is also based on the standing position from the previous jump records.

  • If there is a tie between the teams, then the jump order between the teams is determined by a draw.

  • After each round, the jump order will be done in reverse order so that each team will get an equal chance to showcase their talents.


Rules regarding jump procedures

There are jump procedures for surfers. If a live air-to-ground system is used, then each team will receive an exit pass of their own.

  • No team can exit the aircraft in which they are sitting until they have a signal which shows ‘EXIT’ sign.

  • The EXIT sign is to be signalled by the jump master. If this does not happen, then the exit procedure will be conducted by the normal rules and regulations as stipulated by the judges.

  • After the EXIT signal is received by the jump master, each team will have sharp thirty seconds. In these thirty seconds, the surfers have to exit the aircraft.

Rules regarding landing

Each team is responsible for going back to the officially designated landing zone to avoid any injury. Once the rule has been set up by the jump master and the conditions are acceptable for jumping, it is up to the team to jump and show their talent. We have mentioned about the conditions for jumping because the players have to jump from 13000 feet above the ground level, so weather conditions have a huge impact on this game.

Rules for Newcomers

A novice or a new comer should at first familiarize himself with flying with a board attached to his feet. This game looks very tough, so before entering into the sport, a player must practice a lot in his institute on ground.

  • The player can take part in training programmes which are organized in enabling the newcomers to spend the initial board jumps flying in a belly-to-earth with the board tucked up behind them for canopy deployment which makes their back strong.

  • Once a novice or a newcomer is confident enough to maintain and perform the heading control while staying in a belly-to-earth” position, it means he is fit and can attempt to stand upright on the board. But a newcomer must do it on ground so that he could get confidence and familiarise with the equipment.

After regular practice, the sky surfer becomes confident and he can start competing through a small sky surfing board. After practicing on a small board, he can go for a little larger board. The performer has to perform while being in an upright position.