Sky Surfing – Equipment

In this chapter, we will discuss the equipment used by the sky surfing team.

Surf Cutaway System

Among all the equipment, surf cutaway system is an important one because it can be activated by the surfer at ease. To activate it, the surfer need not have to bend at the waist level. The surf cutaway system is an efficient speed improver for the surfer. This surf cutaway system is designed in such a way that it ensures easy, reliable, and fast cutaways for the surfer.


The helmet must be of a hard shell category to cover the whole face including the jaw and chin of the face.

The surfer and the camera holder must wear helmets which not only protects the head but also the whole face. If anything hits you around 10000 feet above the ground, then it is difficult to get immediate help, so helmet is must.


Audibility Meter

All the jumpers are instructed to use at least one visual or audibility meter with them. They can also use both of them.

Recovery Pilot Chute

A recovery pilot chute is used when the sky surfing board is released. This parachute is used for the boards that weigh 6 or 7 grams. This system slows the falling speed of the board.