Sky Surfing – Eligibility

The sky surfing competition is an invitational event, invitational because anyone can’t take part in this competition. The competitors can take part only by submitting application form and they join after getting an invitation from the organisation. So the competition comprises of sky surf teams. The competition consists of a total of five jumps. Each jump will count some points for each team.


At the end of the competition, all scores will be counted. But it does not mean each participating team will make five jumps. In fact, all the teams will make four jumps each and after the fourth jump is completed, top five teams are selected. The last or the fifth jump is taken by those top five teams. After this, the fifth jump total is added to the overall total which makes the jump worth double points because of the fifth stage point. Last but not the least, the competitors are free to perform any type of moves they wish to show to the audience. The moves can be performed in any order and in any jump.

Sky surfing grade 1 and grade 2

Sky surfing grade 1 and grade 2 or SS1 and SS2 are designed to teach the parachutists all the necessary skills and guidelines to enable them to fly with style but in a controlled manner with a sky surfing board.


Before entering into professional sky surfing, the parachutists should have completed at least a to e of the FS requirements. FS stands for Formation Skydiving.

  • The players must have the qualities which are necessary for a sky surfer.

  • The surfer must maintain a stand up position for at least 12 consecutive seconds. Different tournaments are setting different standards. Some are setting the stand-up position for 15 or 18 seconds, so it may vary but the minimum standard must be maintained by the players.

  • In addition, the players must perform a controlled turn of 360 degrees in both directions while remaining in that stand-up position.

  • The surfer must be able to perform a forward or backward loop with a straight body position by starting and returning back to the stand-up position.

  • The surfer must able to return back to a stable position within five seconds which is necessary. He can return to this stable position from a fast side or a back spin of at least 2 to 3 revolutions per second.

  • In sky surfing or in any surfing, the stable position is defined as the position where the surfer has his belly towards the earth or the surfer is in horizontal posture with his belly towards the earth.

Besides all these physical eligibilities, a surfer must hold a BPA ‘C’ licence. The surfers must take all the required appropriate equipment and dresses with them.