Sambo – Rules

There are certain cases where victory is awarded to the player.

  • In case of a total throw, which can also be explained as a throw where the attacker doesn’t fall down but the defensive player falls down on his/her back or rolls over his back rapidly.

  • In case of a painful hold, where the opponent gives up or shows a submission signal by clapping twice on the mat or loudly saying yes.

  • In case of total superiority against the opponent, where a player scores more than 12 points than his/her opponent.

  • In case of opponent’s elimination from the bout

  • Technical reasons and Warnings

Technical Results

If a match ends in a tie, the player with more points for technical actions will be declared winner. Similarly, in case of a bout, to avoid ties, the player with maximum number of activities will be declared winner. In case of both the players have got same evaluation points, victory goes to the player with more number of evaluated holds during the bouts.

Each of these holds have certain points which enhance the total points of the player at the end of the bout. Similarly, after the end of the bout, if both of the players have scored zero points, the winner is declared by the number of activities during the match.

Based on Warnings

In case both players have zero technical points or same number of warnings, the player, who has got the last evaluation of warning against his/her opponent, is declared winner.


A player is eliminated or gets disqualified from the bout in case of breaking or disobeying certain rules which are as follows −

  • If a player attempts a prohibited hold for the second time.

  • If a player exceeds the two minutes awarded for medical intervention. In this case, the player is declared medically unfit to continue the bout.

  • Based on doctor’s decision, where the player has got an unavoidable disease or injury.

  • If the player gets the third warning during the match, which can be decided by the three officials present at the ring.

  • If the player doesn’t step of on the playing mat within the 5 minutes of the first call.

  • In case of rude or unethical behavior towards the opponent or against any of the officials or match referee or refusing to shake hands with his/her opponent player.

Prohibited Holds

Prohibited Holds

Certain holds and actions are completely prohibited in case of sambo and the player who uses it can be disqualified. Some of those holds are as follows −

  • To throw the opponent on the head with a painful grip.

  • To apply any strangling holds or squeezing the opponent’s mouth and nose and interrupting his/her breathing process.

  • Make any painful scratches or bites intentionally

  • To apply holds on opponent’s fingers and toes.

  • Applying painful holds on opponent’s spine or squeezing his/her head with arms or legs

  • To rest arms, legs or hands on opponent’s face.

  • Apply painful holds in standing position.

  • Apply holds by jerk. Apply holds on the opponent’s foot by the heel portion.