Sambo – Equipment

The equipment used in sambo are very much similar to that of mixed martial arts. Players use different protective equipment including helmets, gloves, guards etc. The uniform in sambo includes sambovka and belts during a fight. Some of the equipment are as follows −


It is a jacket or kimono type material intended for trainings and participation in competitions of all levels of sambo. Usually a player uses red or blue coloured sambovka accompanied by same colour of shorts and belts.


Protective Guards

Different protective equipment are used by the players for avoiding any kind of injuries or accidents and these equipment protect the players against the fatal and dangerous strikes of the opponent. Some of the commonly used protective guards are as follows −

  • Boxing Helmets − These are mostly padded helmets worn by the contestants in most of the boxing or wrestling events for providing protection against head injury, cuts, scrapes, and swelling. Usually these helmets are open-faced with soft or hard plastic ear covers and straps around the chin and back of the head.

  • Gum Shield − It is a mouth guard used inside the mouth by the players in order to avoid injuries to mouth, gums, lips, teeth.

  • Groin Guards − These are more of an undergarment used by the players in order to avoid injuries to groin areas and are mostly used in case of different formats of wrestling or in sports that involves vigorous physical activity.

  • Sambo Gloves − The gloves are cushioned globes which the fighters wear on their hands in order to provide protection to hands during a fight. These are designed in a way to reduce injuries to the opponents.