Sambo – Playing Environment

The match takes place on a combat mat which has a size of 11×11 meters to 14×14 meters. The mat is made of synthetic fabric and has a smooth surface with the thickness of 5 cm or below.

The central surface of the mat where the bouts are conducted and also considered as the main working area is a circle with 6 to 9 meters in diameter. The rest part of the mat is considered as protective area with a width of 2 to 5 meters.


The platform where the mat is placed shall be up to 2 to 5 meters wider than the mat on every side. The whole surface of the mat is covered with coverlet made of firm soft fabric or some synthetic material without rough seams.

The covering must be tightly stretched and fastened. The authenticity and stability of the mat is decided by the Chief official, doctor, and representatives of the organization conducting the competition.