Lacrosse – Rules

There are several rules that are to be followed by each team playing the match. The rules may vary as per the variant but there are some common rules followed in all the variants. Here we will discuss about the rules of different variants of lacrosse.

Rules of Field Lacrosse

  • Both teams have ten players each divided into three attackers, three midfielders, three defenders, and one goalkeeper.

  • The stick of attackers and midfielders have length of 40 inches whereas the stick of defenders are 60 inches long.

  • The dimension of the field is 100m x 55m and the dimension of the goal posts is 6ft by 6ft.

  • Attackers and defenders are not allowed to cross their restraining line until a midfielder possesses the ball.

  • If ball reaches outside the field by a team member, the ball is possessed by the opponent team.

  • Substitution of players can be done in the designated exchange area called box.

  • The offending player is sent to a penalty box in case the player has committed a foul.

  • If the non-offending team scores a goal, the penalty for offending team is released.

  • The diameter of crease is 18ft by 18ft.

Rules of Box Lacrosse

  • Both teams have six players each.

  • A match is divided in four quarters of 14 minutes each.

  • The attacking team has to shoot the ball within 30 seconds after possession whereas the defenders have to shoot the ball within ten seconds.

  • The lacrosse stick is either 40 or 46 inches long.

  • A goalkeeper is not allowed to enter the crease whereas rest of the players can enter.

  • The diameter of the crease is 9ft by 9 ft.

  • The goalkeeper loses all the privileges if he comes out of crease.

Rules of Women Lacrosse

  • The women wear only mouth guard, thin gloves, and face guard as safety equipment. Face guard is optional in international tournaments but compulsory in US.

  • The women’s face-offs is known as draws.

  • None of the players are allowed to enter the goal circle unless the goalkeeper comes out.

  • A defender cannot stand in 8m fan for more than three seconds.

  • If a defender is following an offender or passing the ball the she will not be called after three seconds.

Rules of Women Lacrosse

Rules of Major League Lacrosse

  • Each season starts in April and ends in August.
  • The shot clock is of 60 seconds.
  • There is a two-point goal line of 16 yards.
  • There are four defenders in a team.