Lacrosse – Playing Environment

The playing environment of the variants of lacrosse differ in various aspects. Let’s discuss the field environment of each variant.

Lacrosse Field

A lacrosse field is 100 metres in length and 55 metres in width. The goal sites are 6ft by 6ft on either ends of the field. There is a circle called crease, which is 18ft in diameter and the goal post is located inside the crease. Both the defensive and the offensive sides are surrounded by a restraining box.

Restraining Box

Box Lacrosse

In box lacrosse, the field and the goal posts are smaller than that of field lacrosse. The field is like a box and the goal posts have the dimensions of 4ft by 4ft. The length of the field is 55m to 61m and the width is 24m to 27m.

Women Lacrosse

The field differs with respect to the age group of players. The under 15 and under 13 players play on a regular size field while the under 11 play n a regular size field with different markings. The under 9 players play in a field having the length of 60 to 70 yards and width of 30 to 40 yards.

Two-point Line

The two-point line is an arc that extends out from the center of the goal with a radius of 16 yards. Just like the three-point line in basketball, a shot that goes from beyond the two-point line, counts for two points on the scoreboard instead of one. The player must have both feet completely beyond the line at the release of the ball.

Two Point Line