Handball – Variants

There are various forms in which handball is played as it is not limited to team ball only. There are different forms of handball played all over the world. Some ilk of handball other than team ball are discussed below −

Field Handball

It was originated during early development of the handball after which it is played in indoor condition as team handball. It was played for first time in 1936 during Summer Olympics at Berlin and it was played on a 90 to 110mts long and 55 to 65mts wide grass field.

Beach Handball

It is same as team handball but it is not played in sports halls but on sand. It is played via two or three sets.

Beach Handball

American Handball

Handball has been recreated in America and is known as American Handball. The dimension of the court is 40 by 20 feet. This playing area must be enclosed by a four walls. The main objective of the game is to bounce a small rubber ball off of the front wall. It can be played between two players each at both ends.