Handball – Fouls

In case of disobeying the rules or its violation, the act is judged as a foul by the referee and a penalty or a free throw may be awarded to other team. One should only use his/her torso to block the path of attacking player.

  • During the game a player must play by maintaining some distance between them instead of making crowd at a place, which may lead to barging between them. Unnecessarily barging or forcing by using your body will be judged as a foul.

  • The player must play smoothly by passing the ball in the way governed by handball rules. The player failing to do so will have a foul declared against his/her team. During running, passing or shooting an attacking player should not use his/her elbow to keep away the defending player to make way for him.

  • While running, a player is not permitted to swipe away the defenders in order to get past them.

  • Any illegal movement or technique used by a defending player to block the attacker while attempting to score a goal is considered to be foul.

  • If a defender fouls in any way while an attacking player is attempting to shoot a goal, they will be punished and the opposition team is offered a 7mts throw from the goal post. During free throw the attacking players are allowed to throw without any defending player in the way but their throw must overcome the goalkeeper to score the goal from 7mts mark.


During penalty shoot, there must be a gap of about 3mts between goalkeeper and shooter. To maintain this distance, the penalty shooter is allotted his/her position behind the 7mts marks at 1mts gap from the d-area.

While shooting penalty, players are not allowed to lift themselves above ground or slide over the 7mts line In case they do so, penalty converted will not be considered. If a penalty shot bounces over the goal post then it still remains in play.