Handball – Playing Environment

Handball is being played on a rectangular court in either indoor fashion or on an outdoor grassy field. The game is played between two teams of seven members each. Each team are free to choose the side of the court they wish to play first and the referee decides which team will start the game by tossing process. Like other teams, players can be substituted in place of players on the field according to the rules and regulation governed by IHF.

Court Design of Handball

Handball is played on a rectangular court having dimension of 40mts by 20mts with a goal centre at each side. It has a centre line which equally divides the field into two identical rectangles. In each half of the court there is a goal surrounded by a semi-circular line known as the d-line. The region enclosed by d-line is known as d-zone or crease, where only goal keeper is permitted. Hence a player has to attempt to score goals from outside the d-zone without touching the d-line. Another dashed curve line of 9mts diameter indicates free throw line.

Court Design

Dimensions of a Handball Field

A handball player must be acquainted with the dimension of various regions of the handball court and the ball used. Basically a handball field is a rectangular shaped area having dimensions as below.

  • Width and breadth of the handball court is 40mts in length and 20mts in width.

  • The goal post is 2mts in height and 3mts in width.

  • A 6mts line known as d-line separates the goal keeper from rest of the players who are not allowed to cross the line.

  • A mark is provided at a distance of 7mts from the goal post from which penalty shots are taken in case any foul occurs during the handball match.

  • A player starts the play from a 9mts dashed line in case being fouled inside the opponent’s line. It is also known as free throw line.

  • A centre line is also provided which marks the start of the game. It also acts as the reference line of resumption of game after half time. After scoring of goal, game is resumed from that mid line.

  • Substitution line are marked on the side line of handball through which player must leave the court whenever a substitution is made.

  • Ball size of a handball game varies depending upon whether it is being played under men’s category or women’s category. Dimension of ball for both category are as follows −

    • Men’s − Weight of ball ranges from 425gm to 475gm and circumference is from 56 to 60 cm.

    • Women’s − Weight of ball is between 325gm to 375gm and circumference is 54 to 56cm.