Gymkhana Grid – Scoring

The scoring of the race is based on the time of the completion of the circuit, driving skills, and accuracy while completing the circuit.

Real Time

It is the overall time taken by a competitor to complete a race.

Time Penalty

Each time a competitor hits an obstacle in the circuit, a three second time penalty will be issued against the contestant by the chief of scoring.

DNF (Did Not finish)

A DNF is allocated to the competitors if he/she

  • Redirects the vehicles in the wrong direction of the field.

  • Spins or stops the vehicles in between the race course when it is not officially directed.

  • If all the tires of the vehicles are outside of the race course.

Formula for calculation for a competitor’s score −

A = B + (C*D)

Where A is the Competitor’s score, B is the Real Time, C is the Time Penalty, and D is the total number of time penalties.

  • DNF allocated racers score less than the racer who are not allocated DNF.

  • When DNF is not allocated to a racer, then the score is calculated on the numeric value and the lesser value is considered as better.

  • If both the competitor is allotted a DNF, then both of their scores will be calculated by eliminating their DNF and calculated by their numeric value.

Faulty Vehicle

Sometimes a vehicle loses control, goes off the circuit, drastically reduces or increases its speed, spins out of track and even sometimes gets into contact with competing vehicles. The chief steward shall decide the circumstance under which a vehicle will be deemed as at fault. If both vehicles collide and cause damage, then both the vehicle will get a right for 5-minute timeout.

If the damage is not repaired in the allotted time due to aggressive damage then the vehicle not at fault will be allowed additional time. (This doesn’t nullify the 5 minutes timeout for other purpose.) The chief steward has the right to continue the round. The chief steward will reassess the vehicles after the race and if the vehicle is irreparable and the participant is not guilty then the competitor may be declared as the winner.