Gymkhana Grid – Roles of Officials

The president has the ultimate power of the governance. The president will check the rules and regulations throughout the event. If there is any misrepresentation, misinterpretation or wrong implementation of the sport, then the president will have the final say in the situation without any consent.

All the events will be filled with official staffs. Any of the staff shouldn’t have any conflict with the participants, organizers, technical support, or any sponsors, thus clear them for impartial standard over the event.

All the officials are supposed to be well-behaved and impart their best standard and conduct throughout the competition.

The roles and duties of the officials are as follows −

Chief Steward

The chief steward is below the president. He reports directly to the president. The chief steward has the responsibility for general tasks such as managing the area of gymkhana grid, observe the sport while the competitors are on the track, holds all official duties and check all the scores which were provided by chief of scoring.

Chief of Scoring

The main work of the chief of scoring is to check the score board, distribute scores and end results of the players. The chief of scoring will also compile and distribute the results officially after getting the signal from the chief steward that all the process has been completed.

Technical Chief

When it comes to technical inspection, the Technical Chief has the rights and power to determine and enforce all matters related to that. He/she can amend or can modify any rules related of technical aspects. All the participants will be informed of the changes.


There are four marshals to ensure that the race is going on according to the rules and they report it to the chief of scoring.


The registrar has the responsibility to check the credentials of the participants, officials, and technical officials before they enter the race.


The competitors have to follow the instructions of the starter. The starter can start his instructions after the vehicles become ready to start the race. The star directly reports to chief steward.