Gymkhana Grid – Eligibility

A player must satisfy the following criteria to be eligible to compete in this sport:

  • The racer must be at least 18 years old and have a driving license.

  • The racer have to give proper satisfaction to the organization (Monster Energy) that the player has proper experience, skills, and competency factor and attributes.

  • The racer should have proper evidence of participating in races and sports related to gymkhana.

  • The racer should have the proper insurance of the vehicle which is going to be in the race.

The racers have to fill up the registration form of the participating events. All the competitors of FBS will be allowed to participate in the Spanish round. All the positions of the events in the races are in first-come-first-serve basis except the Spanish round, in which all the spots will be first given to the FBS competitors and then to the other participants.


Before participating, all the participants will have to sign a release paper in which they agree to all the rules and conditions of the race. Any breach in the rules and failure to complete any form will be subject to disciplinary actions.