Freestyle Skiing – Variants

There are some variants of freestyle skiing in which the skiers participate to win medals and championships. Following is the brief description of some of these variants.

Aerial Skiing

Through a 2-4meter ski off jumps, aerialists can perform propelling action up to 6 meters. Sometimes this can be as high as 20 meters above the landing area. Various types of twists and turns are performed in the air and landing is done on an inclined hill which is about 34-39 degree and has the length of about 30 meters.

In this type of freestyle skiing, scoring is done depending upon the form, take-off and landing. Of which, 50% of the scoring is given to jump formation, whereas, the other 20% and 30% have been assigned to take-off and landing.

Mogul Skiing

In this type of skiing, the athlete needs to perform on bump surfaces by showing a good combination of acrobatic skills with a touch of twist and turns. Though the concept seems to be a bit awkward, but it is quite easy to perform when one knows the right techniques.

For example, most of the beginners find it difficult to have a turn while moving on the uneven surface, but it is quite easy if you consider the following techniques −

  • Never try to take big bumps as your main course of field while moving for the set time. Choose small ones through which you can make your way more easily.

  • Use the head of the bumps to make a turn. This is because at the head position you will find it easy to turn your skis in the required direction.

  • Use the back side of the bump for braking purpose.

Ski Ballet

This type of freestyle skiing was present till 2000. Now this is no more in competition. In this type of freestyle skiing, choreographed steps were performed by players with a background music which lasts up to 90 seconds. For some period of time, in 1980’s, pair ballet system was also introduced in which two players were performing various flips, rolls, leg crossing, and jumps.

Ski Cross

In this type of skiing, more than one person will be skiing down the ice surface and touching any other person can lead to disqualification from the tournament. It incorporates big terrain features and artificial jumping sets to add more difficulty level to the match.

Various Tricks of Freestyle Skiing

Both skiing technology and acrobatic skills are needed for freestyle skiing. Let’s learn about some cool tricks and techniques that will help in performing skiing better.


  • During the take-off process, whichever side you want to rotate, just see that side by using twin-tip skis.

  • You must make your mind to land backwards.

  • Spot the place where you want to land and keep your weight centred.

  • Just after landing do not try to turn in forward direction.


  • During the process of take-off, turning of the upper body should take place by watching over your shoulder. Soon you will see that skis will follow you automatically.

  • Holding the tail, pull it towards the spin. Do not lose the hold at this moment.

  • Now by looking over your left shoulder land upon the spot that you have decided previously.

540 Tail grab

  • Unless you set the spin harder, the grab is going to slow down your rotation.

  • During the take-off process, hold the tail of your ski with your trailing hand and pull it into your spin.

  • At this moment, you will be coming through the point of 360 by the spinning action.

  • Look over your shoulders and locate the point of landing. Then just centralise your weight and land at the spot.

  • During the process of landing, your tip of the ski should touch the ground before the tail.